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So I get this call from Wanda (who is the Risk Management Compensation Coordinator / Office of Human Resources) at the Department of Juvenile Services for Baltimore City, wanting me to do a motivational wellness talk for her and her staff. Before she could even finish telling me what she wanted, I said yes. (after I changed some patient stuff around…). I could not think of a more deserving group then the one that devotes their days to making life better for the kids of Baltimore City (and beyond). It is talks like that, and audiences like that, that give me more reasons to do what I do. Thank you Wanda and your team for inviting me.

“Doctor Sok has done several body mechanics classes for Anne Arundel County employees. After doing a survey of the work site, interviewing employees and getting information regarding the injuries that have occurred, Doctor Sok developed a very specific training for the work groups – to include picture of them doing things right and wrong. The training turned out very relevant and had a very positive impact on the employees. Since many muscular skeletal problem develop over time and have a negative impact on employees overall health, the lessons learned should have a positive impact on the rest of the life of the employees – not just reducing the County’s Workers’ Compensation costs.”

Donna L Goins
Safety and Insurnace Manager | Anne Arundel County (retired)

“Dr. Alan Sokoloff, DACBSP, has been a member of the Maryland Chiropractic Association Board of Directors for the past 22 years, having served in various capacities from At-Large member to District Director. Alan is currently the President. Over the years, he has tirelessly volunteered his efforts, always willing to give a hand.

Alan’s keen wit, gift for oration, leadership, and passion for service have greatly contributed to the success of the MCA and advanced Chiropractic in Maryland.”

Timothy P. McKenna
Executive Director | Maryland Chiropractic Association

“If you are looking for a dynamic presenter for your next speaking engagement or convention, I highly recommend Dr. Alan Sokoloff.

Having known him for over twenty-five years, I have had numerous opportunities to work with and be treated by “Dr. Sok”.

With an unmatchable work ethic, he remains “focused and committed” to continually updating his wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics including: chiropractic care, athletic and sports-conditioning, psychology and skills of coaching, and most recently, the treatment of concussions.

His presentations are not only informative, but entertaining, inspiring, and thought-provoking as well. Despite the roller coaster ride the healthcare industry has experienced, he remains passionate about providing his patients with an exceptional quality of care.”

“You’ve tried the rest, now try the best.”

Carol Boyer
Membership Director for the Northern Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce
Member of PowerBar Team Elite

Dr. Sok,

“I want to thank you for taking the time to do your presentation to our Team and preparing and sharing this information. I learned a lot from your presentation and I know the rest did to. I will be speaking to Mark Nimmo on Monday and will recommend that he share everything with the Corporate Team in Georgetown, TX. If you need anything, please give me a call.

Thanks again!

Wayne C McGlone
Area Developer | SportClips Haircuts

“For the past six years, Dr. Alan Sokoloff has been instrumental in creating presentations specific to Anne Arundel County coaching issues. He is dynamic in his presentation and the impact of his subject matter is powerful. The information given is a valuable tool for the Counties needs and just as importantly he continues to improve upon the level of service he provides by continuously discovering newfound resources. The success of the Anne Arundel County Coaches Clinic has been in part due to the community service provided by Dr. Sokoloff.


Donna Liberto
Sports Supervisor | Anne Arundel Recreation and Parks
July 21, 2011

The Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA)

“Again, I want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with our group. I found your presentation very informative and it contained many tips that my employees would find useful. And, you’re right about them listening better if the information comes from the outside expert!”

Katharine M. Peeling, CPCU, ARM-P
Risk Management Specialist | Office of Insurance Management | Anne Arundel County Public Schools

“Dr. Sok is one of the best speakers we’ve ever had, which is why we brought him back several times. He consistently received top marks from his audiences and his blend of information and humor keep everyone attentive. Best of all, he involves his audience in his presentations so you learn while you’re entertained.”

Carl Birkmeyer
Baltimore County Public Library | 
Library Video Network

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