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In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, so much has changed for everyone… and I mean everyone. To some, it has come at a great cost. To others, we not only are trying to figure out how to maneuver through the unknown this virus has caused but figure out how to come out on top as the curve flattens.

At this point, almost all 2020 planned events, nationally and internationally have now been postponed.  With some of the “downtime”, I am regrouping and planning more speaking events for 2021.  I also continue our work at the Yalich Clinic of Glen Burnie; seeing patients and trying to take some of the musculoskeletal burden off of local primary care facilities and hospitals.

I have to say that I do enjoy spending a little more time at home. Recently our family had a one night challenge to put a public service announcement together and we not only took it on but kicked butt!!! I know there is a lot of junk going on in the world today but it is my family’s hope that this little video reminds you to WASH YOUR HANDS and smile.

Be Safe!

Dr. Sok

Wash Your Hands!

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