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For educators, teachers, and speakers, the last year has been challenging in so many ways.  The passion and heart you put into doing what you do with live audiences has turned into you in a cold room with a monitor, camera and speakers.  I personally struggled with the amount and type of energy needed to engage and maintain an audience for multiple hours over a Zoom call.  In recent weeks I have started to see some live light between all the social media tunnels. 

Once everything was going virtual, I underestimated the challenge of performing to a camera from a desk. After my 2nd 2+ hour workshop, I did not think I could do it anymore.  As the COVID numbers drop, opportunities for live interactions started to build again. Heavy sigh and a lot of relief.  It gave me the missing energy to perform and deliver for the remaining virtual conferences and seminars I have been asked to participate in.  As the schedule fills up, I want to thank the states / organizations that continued to provide quality education to their members. I also want to thank all the sponsors and organizations that invited me to be a part of their continuing education during this unprecedented time.  

And while I will continue to provide the best and most current information available to help in the success of my audiences, I cannot wait to see each one of you live instead of on a “Brady Bunch” square monitor. 

Please stay safe and hopefully “see” you soon.

Dr. Sok

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