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Before the 2019 NFL schedule come out, i knew that we (the Baltimore Ravens) would be playing the Chiefs in Kansas City. I only hoped the date would match up with my speaking invitation to Cleveland University Kansas City (CUKC) for their 2019 Homecoming . While the dates did not match up, it gave me a great chance to get to KC and spend time with their Dr. Carl Cleveland III.  Not only did we have dinner together but he graciously provided me with a portable adjusting table for me to use in our hotel training room the night before our game with the Chiefs. Sharing everything that is going on at the University made me even more excited about coming (hopefully there is less rain that this past weekend).  And while the outcome of the game is notwhat I had hoped, the visit was great.

Thanks to Dr. Cleveland and Justin at China Gel, I will be presenting to studentsonly (my favorite) on Friday morning, October 11, 2019 and homecoming attendees in the afternoon (Successful Integration in the Athletic Training Room). While I am excited about presenting at homecoming, hopefully we will be back again for the playoffs!


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