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I was recently invited back again to be a part of the 2019 Safety Awareness Campaign entitled, “Safety and Quality = Mission Success.  For years, the management of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center here in Maryland, have been proactive in educating their employees  on healthier and safer ways to live, both inside and outside the facility. They bring in speakers and demonstrations from across the United States to help emphasize wellness and prevention.

I was fortunate enough to present on Healthy Lessons Learned on the 50 Yard Line. Basically it is applying what is done with professional athletes to their everyday lives. We discussed how the body works and functions to get a better understanding on how to maintain it. That part was easy when you are speaking to such an educated audience. But it is the simple things that we do every day that get us into trouble and the things we should do but don’t to keep us out of trouble.  For example, learning to stretch after an activity as opposed to before is one injury prevention tip. We even discussed healthy avenues to take to avoid being a statistic in our countries current opioid addiction crisis.

NASA has some of the best theaters to present in and the audience was just as impressive. Thank you again for the invite! Honored to be a part. 

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