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I often get asked what my busiest time of the year is. My usual reply is “it is always busy”.  It is that balance between family, work, speaking, and self. In October I had the chance to present to a couple of different groups in Kansas City at the Cleveland University Homecoming and honored to kick off the American Chiropractic Association Sports Council 2019 Conference in Miami, FL.  Each event had different audiences allowing me to provide different messages. But each took me out of the area for a few days. Then there is my office where I am daily (when I am not out of town).  I have to thank all of the incredible staff that holds things together while I am gone.  The Baltimore Ravens continue to roll in a positive direction, also requiring time (thank goodness for the bye week this week). Maryland Terp obligations continue, and so much more…

Mentioned first and never last is family. With a wife about to run the Marine Corp Marathon, a daughter in high school soccer playoff mode, … (so much more I will not bore you with), it is busy. But I would not have it any other way.  While I will basically be taking November and December from speaking (besides our coaches clinics), professional football and college basketball really start to ramp up.  The office is getting busier as we head towards the years end… There is always something going on.

So to answer the question, it is always busy. But a happy balance makes it all worth it!

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