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Corporate Wellness Workshops

Corporate Wellness Workshops | Dr. Sok


Creating The Best Office Athlete in All Employees

Why don’t we do what professional athletes do to get well and stay healthy? This workshop focuses on PREVENTION through practical ideas that are easy to implement. We will discuss simple suggestions that each attendee can use to make themselves better, as well as those around them through education. Prevention is the key but special delivery counts too!


From Educate to Motivate

A course or series of courses focusing on the safest way to work on the job, as well as perform activities at home. Starting with current statistics, a basic look at human anatomy and its application to work, the course will get into assessing on the job risk factors and how to avoid them. Safe lifting and sitting techniques will be explored with their practice applications. Again, emphasis is placed on prevention and the fact that it doesn’t just occur from 9-5. Should injury occur, a discussion of prompt, proper treatment options will be reviewed. Belts and Supports? Who needs them? For employers, special focus is placed on reducing missed time from work, decreasing workmen’s compensation premiums and claims, increasing production, as well as increasing employer/employee relations.



What is the “right” way to exercise? What is the “right” equipment? When is the “right” time to exercise? Where is the “right” place to exercise? What is the “right” way to plan success in exercise? These topics are the tip of the iceberg. I focus on the “right” answers to get people started “right” away!


Wellness and You

“Heart Smart” is a term that is thrown around but how do you get there? There are different ways we can “study” to be “Heart Smart.” We will look at the combination of exercise and nutrition, along with identifying risk factors. Like everything else, prevention will be key.

Health After 55;

Getting There and Enjoying It

Are we living longer and better? Think again. Arthritis and other conditions can interfere with the ability to live “happily ever after.” While many diseases can not be prevented as we get older, there is still time to start better habits now, no matter what your age is. Let’s discuss those strategies.

Myths and Truths About

Carpal Tunnel Disease for the Computer Worker in All of Us

Starting with the basic anatomy of the wrist and understanding the mechanism of this condition, participants will learn preventative measures and possible treatment options for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). Employers and employees will gain insight in reducing lost time from work and saving money in extensive treatment.

Safe Sitting:

It Does Not Have To Be A Pain In The…

For those who must sit for extended periods of time. From headaches to your lower back, you will learn techniques in making this stationary position one that doesn’t have to cause pain. Specific preventative postural exercises along with optional seated ergonomic assessment in provided. Specific exercises will help before, during and after work.


Stretch to Prevent Injuries Now

(but it takes a whole lot more…)  This workshop is designed for leaders/managers looking for a lasting effect of ergonomic training. Evaluation of worksites, work duties, risk assessment, all formulated into a long term plan. Active participation from all staff is essential. Train the leaders to train the rest. More in-depth details are available upon request.

I was proud to have been the Key Note speaker at the Maryland Transit Administration Operations Training Retreat in Towson, Maryland this week. The topic was “Balance: Getting Back Into the Game”.  A timely topic that helps individuals realize that they can be doing so much more to help themselves, as well as those around them.  It was a very motivated group of trainers, under the direction of Michael Wiedecker, Director of Operations, that gives and gives of themselves every day… and now under Michael’s direction, get to re-absorb… I call it the “sponge theory”. … It happens to all of us that are in positions where we help people all the time, giving of ourselves.  Sooner or later you have to re-absorb so you can help again.

Thanx to Towson University and Laura McCoy (as well as her team) for putting it all together.  Great format, great facility and a great program.  Looking forward to the next chapter.

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