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Chiropractic Workshops

Chiropractic Sample Workshops | Dr. Sok

Successful Integration of

Chiropractic in the Training Room

Doctors of chiropractic are an essential part of any team in the everyday care of athletes.  At the Olympic, professional and college levels, great relationships are formed with the common goal of athletic rehabilitation, injury prevention and wellness.  But why do many relationships fail?  I can help provide those answers. More importantly, how to make the relationship a success.  From defining scope of practice to hours to contracts, we can discuss it all.    A great workshop for sports minded doctors of chiropractic and athletic trainers.

Survival in the

Training Room

(1-3 contact hours / Advanced) So you are working with a team or you are close to that position you wanted… Now that you are “in”, there are proven ways to keep your position and grow from within. You will learn where you can advance and the pitfalls to look out for.

Developing and Maintaining a

Sports Chiropractic Practice

(3-12 contact hours) The most comprehensive class, designed for chiropractors to get involved and stay involved SUCCESSFULLY in sports chiropractic.  Are you prepared? Is your office prepared? How do you get “in”? What are the challenges at each level?  What are the pros and cons of your association with club teams, high school, college, professional and olympic levels? And what about the “unwritten” rules?  Learn those too.

Can You Hear Me Now:

Reducing Risk and Improving Communication in Sports Medicine 

What you say can help you, and hurt you as a health care provider. It does not matter the level of completion you participate with, efficient communication is essential. Between you and your health care providers, between you and the athlete, between you and coaches, parents…..Reduce the risk and increase you stability as team chiropractor.

Why Today is the

Best Time to be a Sports Chiropractor

(1 contact hour) With all the turmoil in health care, this may be the best time for sport chiropractors to excel.  This motivational workshop will get you excited about what you do as a doctor of chiropractic and how it fits into the future of all health care.

Restoring Balance to

Your Practice

(1-3 contact hours) We are chiropractors and we are all about BALANCE. But how can we make that happen in our practice easier to obtain?  This workshop will help you balance your source of referrals, balance the type of patients you want to see (athletes and non-athletes), balance your time in and outside your practice when working with sport teams.

Coaching the


(1-3 contact hours) A series of workshops of designed to be presented to youth coaches, parents and athletes. We will look at how to get involved, opportunities to present, and topics to present on.  They will include Injury Prevention, Prevention Strategies and Recognition of Concussion (not treatment), and Dehydration Prevention. You can become the local “go to” person in your community.


Medical Based Referrals

(1-3) Believe it or not, there are medical physicians not happy with the “outcomes” of their current referral patterns. But how can you get them to refer patients to you?  We will cover step by step of solutions to this question … if that is a goal for you and your practice.

Chiropractic Assistants:

Aiding in the Treatment of Sports Injuries

(1-6 contact hours) Your chiropractic assistant will be a stronger asset with a stronger background in sports related injuries. We will review injuries that are both gender and age related. We will go through the terms that will make them more familiar and discuss contributory factors in each case. From head to toe, we’ll discuss the most common ones and the importance of knowing the mechanism of injury.

Keeping You,

The Chiropractic Assistant at Their Best

(1-4 hours) Chiropractic Assistants will to learn about injury prevention while performing normal work duties and educating their patients. It will include how the body works, proper biomechanics, along with other tips to avoid injuries. In the end, a healthier staff will be beneficial to patients being treated as well, as these tips will be passed along.



(1-2 Contact Hours) Doctors of chiropractic in a training room have to work fast and efficiently. Learn some of Dr. Sok’s adjusting and soft tissue techniques / protocols for sport specific conditions.

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