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Whether it is in the office or on the field, Dr. Alan Sokoloff begins by delivering foundational information on balance to propel companies to a healthier environment. As an employer, understanding balance is monumental. Engaging Dr. Sok who has and continues to work with not only professionals, but 30 years of private practice patients, to communicate this information is pivotal in getting and keeping your employees “back in the game”. Dr. Sok can provide employers the strategies to bring their team of professionals to the next level and motivate employees to engage in their arena like a professional athlete by coming to work healthier and stronger.

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Working Americans spend about 2,000 hours in the workplace and as such, can be plagued with muscular skeletal issues. Subsequently, these issues can lead to temporary pain and even long-term and permanent disability for the employee. Often, these physical pains that are suffered by the employee can manifest into decreased production, reduced efficiency, loss of profitability and increased worker’s compensation rates for the employer. By identifying ergonomic risk factors, Dr. Sok uses hands-on training to demonstrate proper techniques and procedures. Additionally, by educating employers and employees and by designing a healthier workplace Dr. Sok helps you create a safer and more productive environment. Dr. Sok’s workshops are customized to your company’s needs. If you are not completely satisfied, there is a 100% money-back guarantee on his speaking fee*.

Balance; You Can Treat Yourself Like the Pros Do
Dr. Sok and POWERPlay In Sports “SAFE PLAY OF THE DAY”

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2017 Mexico Sports Chiropractic Conference
Date: February 18-19, 2017

FCA NE Regional Convention & Exposition 2017
DateMarch 30 – April 2, 2017

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2016 5th Annual Sports Symposium
DateApril 8-9, 2016

A Chiropractor’s Role in Professional Sports
Date: Friday April 15, 2016

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