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Put Balance & Wellness Back Into Your Life…

And Your Employees

Whether it is in the office or on the field, Dr. Alan Sokoloff, delivers the vital information you need to take your company to the next level starting with balance. Once that balance is lost, as an employer, you will loose. The faster you can regain that balance, the quicker you can get back “in the game”. Whether your game is in to office or on the field, let Dr. Sok provide you the strategies and motivation to bring your team to the next level.

From the warehouse to the boardroom, your employees are missing work for reasons that can be easily prevented. With hands-on training, Dr. Sok demonstrates proper technique and procedures for maximum employee output.

Isn't it time you get more than just sick days, higher worker's compensation rates and
minimum productivity from your employees?

Dr. Sok helps you identify ergonomic risk factors and delivers the messages that gets your team educated, motivated, while entertained, to be more productive and work healthier. It is all about balance.

All of Dr. Sok's workshops are guaranteed and seminars are customized to your company's needs. If you are not satisfied, there is a 100% money-back guarantee on his speaking fee*.

For more info on this talk and her extremely nice letter of recommendation... please click here.

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Dr. Sok presents at the Professional Football Chiropractic Society during the 2016 NFL Combine.

Dr. Sok presents with Dr. Spencer Baron and Scott Sailor, ATC (president of the National Athletic Trainers Association)


Putting Balance Back Into Your Life



"Dr. Sok presents the Key Note Address, "The Power Of Teamwork" at the ECU Conference in
Dublin, Ireland


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